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So I have had this blog for quite some time and it was really getting some hits, I just laid it out straight, no beating around the bush. I didn’t care if I offended a snowflake, I didn’t care if I offended the government, I really didn’t care if I offended anyone. People these days are so fucking soft. Of Fuck, did he just say the F word. You better believe it and if you are offended by the word fuck, close this window because it’s only going to get worse. I put down real facts all backed up with proof. All those things that bugged the fuck out of me and the general public related to. Maybe not the leftist fuckheads, but the majority of normal people. So if your a lefty, your going to hate this blog. But hey, you love to whinge and whine so I guess you’re going to be one of my biggest readers. Maybe not a fan, but I don’t give a fuck, let alone two fucks.  The fact is, your day isn’t complete unless you can whine about something. And this site is going to give you plenty of that.

So I was ranking so high, all the major mainstream medias including The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Courier Mail and so on, ranked below me. My posts would hit the first page of Google and you mainstream media propaganda machines would be under me. All your reports were almost identical, I’d put my spin on how I thought it went down, back it up with statistics that the MSM were to afraid to post as it went against the politically correct agenda you are ruled by and guess what? People loved reading my articles more than yours.

At the beginning I just wrote about injustices and things that pissed me off, fat chicks smashing burgers when the healthy alternative was right next door and then complain that they can’t lose weight, peadofiles that avoided jail after being convicted for sodomizing a child and afterwards dumping them in a wheelie bin, huge multinational corporations that paid zero tax after raping my country using the hands of foreign workers on 457 visas and the like, so many topics so I thought fuck it. I need to vent this shit.

One of my most popular post was created after I found out Queensland Education were the only state in the country that didn’t supply free fonts for kids, the fonts that kids are taught in Queensland schools. Traceable fonts, fonts on PDF’s that parents could print out and use with their children. This effected me directly. My son needed these. So I rang them up, told the girl on the phone what was going on, she was unaware of this atrocity and felt the way I did so she provided me with everything I needed. I then uploaded all the fonts onto this website and gave them away free. Ironically the scumfuck that was profiting on this, and I still remember his ad “Ready Ned” was showing as a Google ad on the post. I encouraged everyone that benefited from the download to click on his ad after downloading. Well Google didn’t like that and I got a stern warning. I was hit so hard with downloads that I had to pay to double my servers bandwidth allowance. It was a good cause, it was for the kids so I didn’t mind. I even got a call from QLD Education and they said that they were now offering all fonts free on their website and requested I delete my post so the kids were getting the most recent version of the fonts. I said, how about whenever there is an update to the fonts you email them to me and I put them on my site but they were not real keen on that, they wanted my post gone.

Then I started to watch mainstream news again, (and I hate the fucking news, it was purely for research purposes) story after story of non Aussies committing crimes. (And yes, there is a difference between being an Australian citizen and being an Aussie) it was like every night, a Lebo did this, a person of African appearance did that, a so called Australian by the name Chung Wong was caught with 200kg’s of ICE, a group of middle eastern teenages broke into a house, kicked a pregnant woman in the guts, murdered her unborn child, robbed her and stole her car, well that one the news didn’t report, I dug that one up. Mainstream media won’t report that. We are afterall a successful multicultural society! So I started researching crimes by race. The statistics were alarming to say the least. More crimes in this country were being committed by non-Aussies. I posted graphs and statistics from governments websites and showed the public what percentages of crimes committed by different races.

Well Google didn’t like that either, they said I was encouraging racial intolerance and stripped my ads, i was placed on a one year ban from Adsense. I was like, you know what. I don’t give a fuck. This is a passion of mine, I like to vent, I love my country and I like to inform people of the things that are happening in this country that the mainstream media won’t publish because of their politically correct agenda. So I continued.

Well a few weeks later, i started receiving hate mail, I was told if I didn’t stop with the anti-multicultural articles and didn’t pull down the posts that proved that certain races where destroying our country and were incompatible with our way of life that something would happen. Well, I was really upsetting some people, Google, the government, lefties and other groups. I was really stirring the pot so to speak. I thought, well it’s been fun. But I think it’s time to start putting all my effort into something else and make a better income for my family. So I backed up the website and then pulled the website down. Unfortunately I had a hard drive failure and lost the backup and I am starting again..

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