Youi we know you, yeah right!

So Youi Insurance claim that they know you, understand you, and that they will look after you by giving you a great deal. What a load of crap,  I got sucked in by their advert that claimed if you use your car rarely and have off street parking that they will give you a customised […]

torrent sites blocked australia – easy bypass

So the Australian government bowed to the USA once again and blocked all your favorite torrent sites… Like blocking a few squares on a sieve haha. Two easy workarounds: Download TOR, use this to access TPB or any other blocked torrent site, right click on the magnet link, copy link location, open utorrent or similar, […]


Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2015

2015 has been the best year so far for viral videos on YouTube. From pizza rat to the boston fisherman catching a baby “whale,” our Top 100 viral videos of 2015 has the most viewed clips of the year. So, sit back and enjoy the most popular YouTube videos of 2015!

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast Are you searching for the right fencing solution for your swimming pool? Surely, you don’t want to block the view of the shimmering blue water with a wooden or plastic fence? At Absolut Custom Glass, we have the perfect solution – the frameless glass pool fencing, which boasts of […]

Excel Hack

Have you ever had a Excel Workbook that is protected and you can’t copy or select the content? Well I did, and I needed to grab all the info to put in a shopping cart database, typing it all out would had been a nightmare, so this little hack was a life saver! Yes this […]